McLeod and Young Earn Honorable Mention All-Conference Honors

McLeod and Young Earn Honorable Mention All-Conference Honors


2018 WJCAC Rodeo


Team Champions




Men's Team Champion                 Odessa College


Women's Team Champion          South Plains College  


Coach of the Year


Men's Coach of the Year              C.J. Aragon – Odessa College


Women's Coach of the Year        Kerry Doster – South Plains College


Athlete of the Year


Men's Athlete of the Year            Chet Boren – South Plains College


Women's Athlete of the Year     Madeline Dickens – Odessa College   




All Conference Performers


Saddle Bronc                                      1st Team               Tegan Smith – Clarendon College   


                                                                HM                         Brady Hill – Western Texas College  


Bareback Riding                               1st Team               BoDell Jessen – Odessa College


                                                                HM                         Wyatt Johnson – Odessa College   


Bull Riding                                          1st Team               Clayton Sellars – Western Texas College


                                                                HM                         Chris Kasel – Howard College   


Tie Down Roping                             1st Team               Chet Boren – South Plains College  


                                                                HM                          Tyce McCloud – New Mexico Junior College


Steer Wrestling                                1st Team               Logan Hyatt – Western Texas College   


                                                                HM                         Chet Boren – South Plains College    


Team Roping Header                     1st Team               Kade Sherwood – South Plains College  


                                                                HM                         Tristan Sivells – Western Texas College  


Team Roping Heeler                      1st Team               Trevor Leggett – Western Texas College


                                                                HM                         Austin Young – New Mexico Junior College    


Barrel Racing                                     1st Team               Madeline Dickens – Odessa College  


                                                                HM                         Ali Armstrong – Western Texas College   


Breakaway Roping                          1st Team               Lariat Larner – South Plains College    


                                                                HM                         Haily Sherwood – Howard College   


Goat Tying                                          1st Team               Jenna Dallyn – South Plains College   


                                                                HM                         Madeline Dickens – Odessa College